Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

KORG Minilogue 45 seconds jam/THANKS to MEMBERS of ML FACEBOOK GROUP

Just a quick 45 seconds KORG Minilogue jam with a big THANK YOU to all members of the Korg Minilogue FACEBOOK-GROUP! 
I started the group on 10. Jan 2016 and now there are 1000 members! 
In the group all stuff is shared: demos, jams, reviews, patches, pics and most important everybody gets help from everybody with tips, tricks and support on the amazing new 4-voice-polyphonic analog synth from Korg.

Enjoy our group:

Although the ML is here since 2 weeks, I only played for about two hours. In this quick 70ies Ambient Psychedelic jam I played the
Korg Minilogue through Neunaber Wet Stereo Reverb V2 and recorded Video & Audio straight to the Cam. 

Special video made by girlfriend :-)

Fotos by and Korg official & Sweetwater 

#Korg #Minilogue #KorgMinilogue

KORG VOLCA tip: POWER all Volcas with MyVolts USB-adapter &volca splitte...

Best thing I tried to power all my Volcas with just 1 cable/1 PSU is the splitter cable from myVolts. And with the USB adapter from MyVolts you can use USB instead of a regular PSU!. 

The cables work with all Korg Volcas (Beats, Bass, Keys, Sample,..) and the splitter cable can be used for up to 5 Volcas! Here is a special discount code that's good till the end of February for 3 GBP off either the splitter on its own, the splitter with a USB, or the splitter with a PSU from - that makes it a bit cheaper than buying it on Amazon.

The discount code is CAROVOLCA

a blog article with all infos:
link to the MyVolts shop:

music and video made my volcarock. Here is the complete track:

Please share like and subscribe!

Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

VolcaRock Interview | Ambient, Psychedelic, Chillout and Berlin School o...

My first video interview! On the great ‪#‎BerlinSchool‬ and ‪#‎Ambient‬ ‪#‎Vlog‬ channel of Ralph Baumgartl! I am talking about my music, videos and gear Hope you enjoy „smile“-Emoticon and ... sorry for my bad English...

If you are a Berlin School or Ambient musician, contact Ralph Baumgartl, he's a real nice guy and always looking for new electronic music talents

Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

Korg ARP ODYSSEY &friends AMBIENT SPACE psychedelic (Moog MOTHER 32 Farf...

Hola Amigos, welcome to my 70ies Ambient Space Rock trip featuring:  
KORG ARP Odyssey (Lead, Subbass, Sequenced) 
MOOG Mother32 (Glitchy Ambient, Bass), 
GODIN LGX-SA (Ambient Guitar), 
1973 DUALrecord-player for Orchestra Strings from Viny
FARFISA Compact (1966 Spacerock Organ), 
ELEKTRON Octatrack (Digital Tape-Recorder, FX, DrumLoops), KORG Volca Beats (Kick,HH). 

Special Thanks to Natalia Posnova for speaking the Intro!

MainFX are MWFXJudder (Glitch, pitchshifted Ratcheting, Organ Tremolo).
EHX Deluse Memory Man TT1100 (Delay)
& NEUNABER Wet Stereo Reverb & Slate V2 (Reverb for all tracks)

The Track is inspired by early Berlin School, Pink Floyd& Krautrock,Postrock,Shoegaze and other psychedelic Music and has a general vintage Vibe , although I also used modern FX from Octatrack & Judder. 

Anyway Hope you enjoy :-)

MOOG Mother 32 +analog GLITCH Pedal AMBIENT DEMO JAM with MWFX JUDDER ...

glitchy MOOG Mother 32 meets MWFX Judder - EXPERIMENTAL AMBIENT DEMO JAMs with my latest Synth & an analog Glitch Pedal, 
which I bought for guitar, but love it with synths because I can control the speed with my hand. 
Judder-Pedal is awesome Glitch fun- with guitar, beats and synths! It can sound subtle or like an explosion. It has a momentary switch button to activate the FX. The button can be changed to work vice versa. The Judder can be controlled and modulated by envelope sensitivity (depends on how hard you pick the notes) LFO or external CV. In highest settings it can get to self oscillation.

The Judder sounds warm and the glitch FX is more similar to my analog delays than to Octatrack.
sample time is from 27 ms to 300 ms in short and from 27 ms to 10 sec in LoFi-mode for heavily bit-crushed and noisy Loops!

There are different cases but all the same functions: Judder new design ( the one I have) Big Metal Judder and even an wooden Judder :-)

Hope you enjoy my experimental journey with glitchy Mother :-)

MOOG MOTHER 32 Trippy Ambient DEMO JAM & Unboxing / Neunaber Wet Stereo ...

MOOG Mother 32 Trippy Ambient DEMO JAM played with keyboard & sequencer + add video of girlfriend unboxing 
Part 1 with keys recorded last night in my studio: MOOG Mother 32 + Neunaber Slate/Wet Stereo V2 + EHX Deluxe Memory Man TT1100 
Part two with internal Sequencer was recorded at X-mas night while girlfriend was sleeping beside me: MOOG Mother 32 + Neunaber Slate/Wet Stereo Reverb V2 changed @2:25 to Echelon Tape Delay setting 

No Overdubs, just put the 2 sessions together.
Hope you enjoy my new amazing combo of MOOG Mother32 with Neunaber FX :-)

#Moog #Mother32 #Neunaber #WetStereoReverb #EHX #DeluxeMemoryMan

Korg ARP ODYSSEY &Friends TRIPPY Downtempo SYNTHS +Space Guitar (Ambient...

Hello Boys & Girls :-) Here is an trippy Downtempo track featuring KORG ARP Odyssey, Ambient Space Guitar. Volca Keys/Bass/Beats, MS-20 mini and other great synths. 

Enjoy also the drone video from high above the sky, first time we started and landed our Phantom II from a small boat :-)