Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

Ambient Guitar Music #1 [Soundscape, Looping, Chill Out, Lounge]

Although I am playing guitar for years, it'm still fascinated
how big and atmospheric a guitar with ambient effects can sound.
I played a Godin guitar, some pedals and a looper 
(no overdubs, no synths, no mastering used in this track) 
Additional info & tips on the sounds are in the video.

Hope you’ll enjoy my peaceful chill out guitar music :-)  

Godin LGX-SA
with Pedals in the following order (*used for this track)
Barber Tone Press*
Barber Small Fry*
EHX Micro Pog*
EHX Superego* 
EHX Neo Clone (in Superego FX-Loop)* 
EHX Small Stone (in Superego FX-Loop)*
Colorsound Tremolo Clone (in Superego FX-Loop)
Neutron Filter (Mutron III Clone)
Tech 21 Blonde V2*
Dunlop Volume Pedal GCB-80*
TC Electronic SCF Chorus Stereo Out*
Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere Stereo in & Out*
EHX Memory Man Deluxe Tap Delay 1100 (R)*
Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter (L)*
Neunaber Wet Stereo Reverb (with Shimmer Update 1.0)*
Boomerang III Phrase Sampler/Looper Stereo*

all FX are on the Pedaltrain SC Pro 
sound recorded in stereo with Tascam Dr-40 @24bit/48 kHz

filmed with Leica M 240 & Summilux-M 50mm /f1,4 ASPH @ 2,0
and Canon EOS 5D MK III & EF40L / f 4.0 @ 17mm/4,0

Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

KORG VOLCA beats keys bass & AMBIENT GUITAR Soundscape live LOOPING (beats MIDI out mod)

Korg Volca Keys, Bass & Beats on a Downtempo JAM track with AMBIENT GUITAR LIVE LOOPING. Volca Beats has Mid-Out Mod and syncs via MIDI-Clock the Boomerang III (Looper/Phrase Sampler) with Software V 3.0 (enables MIDI-SYNC). All guitar parts are live played & live looped with the Boomerang III. (the Volcas are NOT looped)

One-Track Recording without overdubs and mastering. What you hear are only Korgs analog synthesizers with analog FX and my electric guitar through some stomp boxes

Volca Keys signal right channel goes into the MFB-Filterbox, the left into the mixer.

Volca Bass & Volca Beats signal get straight into the Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer.

SEND FX for Volca Beats&Keys:
Behringer's Time Machine (analog delay) into Danelectro Spring King (Hybrid Spring Reverb) into Rocktron's Tsunami Chorus for a soft Stereo FX.

Guitar Godin LGX-SA gets into Pedaltrain SC Pro:
Barber Tone Press (Compressor only for Clean Sounds)
Barber Small Fry (Overdrive)
Neutron Filter (DIY Mu-Tron III Clone)
Tech21 Blonde (analog Fender Amp sim)
Ernie Ball GCB80 (Volume Pedal)
Rocktron Hypnotic Flange
Colorsound Tremolo Clone DIY
TC Electronic SCF Chorus/Flanger Stereo (from here on the audio signal is stereo)
Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere Stereo
EHX Memory Man Deluxe Tap Delay 1100 (right channel)
Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter (left channel)
Neunaber Wet Stereo Reverb (with Wet Shimmer Reverb Update 1.0)

The video was made with Leica M 240 & Summilux-M 50mm /f1,4 ASPH @ 2,8
and Canon EOS 5D MK III & EF40L / f 4.0 @ 19mm/8,0
The sound was recorded with the Canon straight from the mixer.

This time a bit noisy because the Outputlevel of the mixer was driven too low into the cam.

Korg Volca Beats MIDI Out mod

Two days ago a good friend of mine added MIDI-Out to my Volca-Beats. Too bad that I forgot taking pictures when the Volca was opened... Next Time - when adding individual Audio-Outs - I surely will make photos.

The wires go thru the battery case of the Beats and the MIDI-Out-is housed in an old MIDI-Thru-Box (MT-5).  This item routes in normal life 3 MIDI-Ins to 5 MIDI-Outs, but now the 5th Midi-Out is the Output of the Volca Beats!

If I connect the MIDI-Out of the Volca Beats with one of the MIDI-Ins, I have 4 Midi-Outs to sync to the Volca Beats. At the moment I only use it for the Boomerang III Looper, but in the future I will try it with my other Synths & Sequencers (Jomox Xbase 09, Analogue Solutions Europa, Roland Juno 60 with Midi, Waldorf Pulse I & Microwave I , Doepfer MS-404, Nord Modular Rack ....


Thanks to Marcbert for Soldering The MIDI-Out!