Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Korg Volca Beats MIDI Out mod

Two days ago a good friend of mine added MIDI-Out to my Volca-Beats. Too bad that I forgot taking pictures when the Volca was opened... Next Time - when adding individual Audio-Outs - I surely will make photos.

The wires go thru the battery case of the Beats and the MIDI-Out-is housed in an old MIDI-Thru-Box (MT-5).  This item routes in normal life 3 MIDI-Ins to 5 MIDI-Outs, but now the 5th Midi-Out is the Output of the Volca Beats!

If I connect the MIDI-Out of the Volca Beats with one of the MIDI-Ins, I have 4 Midi-Outs to sync to the Volca Beats. At the moment I only use it for the Boomerang III Looper, but in the future I will try it with my other Synths & Sequencers (Jomox Xbase 09, Analogue Solutions Europa, Roland Juno 60 with Midi, Waldorf Pulse I & Microwave I , Doepfer MS-404, Nord Modular Rack ....


Thanks to Marcbert for Soldering The MIDI-Out!


  1. have you added the outputs outs? what is possible?

  2. Hi and sorry for answering so late. On this article I only explain how I did the MIDI-Out mod. But I did start with Audio Outs, too. An second article will follow when I am finished with all.

    I am not the guy for try and error with technical stuff,
    I searched and found

    I really would like to have separate outs for snare and kick, like KOMA did it,
    but it seems that this is a little tricky. Cause Korg only made soldering points for:

    Pink Noise
    White Noise
    Ring Noise
    Toms &Snare
    Toms &Snare &Kick

    Somebody on Facebook posted, that audio is not working since he tried to make individual outs for kick and snare....

    So I think I will go a save way and add to the Existing HiHat - Output:
    Toms &Snare &Kick + PCM + one of the Noises