Montag, 14. Mai 2018

Novation PEAK - 70ies Synth Epos - DEMO Multitrack (#50)

NOVATION PEAK- trippy analog side of the Peak: Good morning ladies & synthmen. Today a new 70ies inspired psychedelic Ambient track with the amazing Peak, real Drums (Jim Dooley) & little Guitar. It's a kinda 8 Track recording and the Octatrack is my digital tape machine. I started the recording during our holiday (once again Usedom/German Baltic Sea Coast with additional drone videos from my new Phantom 4) and finished at our new home in Dresden
Enjoy my Space Trip :-)

I used some fine tuned patches from the fantastic Zenith Vol1 (Lead & Pad Sounds)

Novation Peak was used with external FX like
EHX Small Stone,
EHX Deluxe Memory Man TT1100,
TC Electronics SCF,
WersiVoice (Ensemble/Tri Chorus),
Vermona PH-16
Neunaber Wet Stereo V.2

Recorded with Octatrack & Tascam DR-40

in Heringsdorf/Usedom, Papstdorf & Dresden

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