Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

FARFISA SYNTORCHESTRA (1975) + Krautrock Phaser DEMO (analog synth + sch...

FARFISA SYNTORCHESTRA - Demo of an Italian analog string synthesizer with a mono synth section played through FX:

Krautrock Phaser, analog stereo delay and digital reverb.

Farfisa is well known for organs and their string machine with mono synth from the mid seventies was also used by Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching / Ash Ra Tempel and  Vangelis.

Although it is a preset synthesizer with less tweaking possibilities you can get some interesting lead and great string, pad, organ and piano sounds, especially with combining the mono and the polysection.

The Krautrock Phaser is a hand build clone of the Schulte Compact Phasing A . It sounds beautiful with the Syntorchetra. I mostly used slow settings. For analog stereo delay I used two Vintage Time Machines from Behringer which are built into one housing. The reverb comes from a Lexicon MPX-100.

I first wanted to buy the Waldorf Streichfett, but in the end, I decided to get a real analog string synth .

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