Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

KORG VOLCA tip: POWER all Volcas with MyVolts USB-adapter &volca splitte...

Best thing I tried to power all my Volcas with just 1 cable/1 PSU is the splitter cable from myVolts. And with the USB adapter from MyVolts you can use USB instead of a regular PSU!. 

The cables work with all Korg Volcas (Beats, Bass, Keys, Sample,..) and the splitter cable can be used for up to 5 Volcas! Here is a special discount code that's good till the end of February for 3 GBP off either the splitter on its own, the splitter with a USB, or the splitter with a PSU from - that makes it a bit cheaper than buying it on Amazon.

The discount code is CAROVOLCA

a blog article with all infos:
link to the MyVolts shop:

music and video made my volcarock. Here is the complete track:

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