Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

MOOG Mother 32 +analog GLITCH Pedal AMBIENT DEMO JAM with MWFX JUDDER ...

glitchy MOOG Mother 32 meets MWFX Judder - EXPERIMENTAL AMBIENT DEMO JAMs with my latest Synth & an analog Glitch Pedal, 
which I bought for guitar, but love it with synths because I can control the speed with my hand. 
Judder-Pedal is awesome Glitch fun- with guitar, beats and synths! It can sound subtle or like an explosion. It has a momentary switch button to activate the FX. The button can be changed to work vice versa. The Judder can be controlled and modulated by envelope sensitivity (depends on how hard you pick the notes) LFO or external CV. In highest settings it can get to self oscillation.

The Judder sounds warm and the glitch FX is more similar to my analog delays than to Octatrack.
sample time is from 27 ms to 300 ms in short and from 27 ms to 10 sec in LoFi-mode for heavily bit-crushed and noisy Loops!

There are different cases but all the same functions: Judder new design ( the one I have) Big Metal Judder and even an wooden Judder :-)

Hope you enjoy my experimental journey with glitchy Mother :-)

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