Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

Korg ARP Odyssey PSYCHEDELIC SYMPHONY with organs that sound like synths...

Hola Amigos, here is my Psychedelic Symphony in 4 1/2 movements with Korg ARP Odyssey 2015 and 4 1/2 vintage organs that can sound like synths. I was interested in early Pink Floyd & Tangerine Dream, So I bought 4 analog organs for the price of one YAMAHA Reface YC :-) I couldn’t believe what amazing instruments you get for the money. Most time I tried to let them sound like synths and not as typical organs.

Instruments used:
Korg ARP Odyssey 2015 
Elka Artist 707 (1978) with Elka Rhapsody 610 string synth & Elka Soloist 505 on board
Farfisa Compact (1967)
Farfisa VIP 345 (1972)
Farfisa VIP 200 R (1975)
Farfisa Syntorchestra (1976) string machine with solo synth
Elektron Octatrack (for recording audio)
Godin LGX-SA guitar
Jim Dooley on Drums 

Hope you enjoy my 70ies inspired psychedelic trip :-)

more Info on the used Organs:

Farfisa VIP 345 (1972) - a redesigned Professional
some tones make strange noises
price: 70,- €

+ Syntheslalom (automated pitchbend) 
+ Percussion Repeat with variable speed
+ separate bass output
+ harpsichord & piano 

dual VIP’s have been played by TG, Led Zeppelin

Farfisa Compact (1967) - Classic Farfisa Sound
Vibrato and tube spring reverb need repair
price: 100,-€

+ fat sound: 12 VCO’s (one for each note) made of 150 Germanium transistors
+ Multi Tone Booster with Knee Lever (Cutoff Filter)
+ separate bass output
+ stand, bass- & volume pedals fit into the Compact Organ! 

(dual) Compacts have been played by Pink Floyd & Tangerine Dream

Elka Artist 707 (1978) - Space Organ home version of the X705
Bass & some knobs need repair
price 100,-€ (in 1980 price was 10.000 DM !!!)

+ 2x Elka Rhapsody 610 String synths
+ Elka Soloist 505 (mono synth: with Moog Filter)
+ Hammond & Leslie Clone
+ brass, piano & harpsichord

Elka 707 /x705 user: JM Jarre,
Elka Rhapsody users: Vangelis, K. Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Genesis

Farfisa VIP 200 R (1975)  
fully serviced. looks and sounds like new
price: 230,-€

+ Synth Pedal (Pitchbend with pedal)
+ Percussion Repeat (but without speed control)
+ Wah Wah
+ Power Amp inside + separate Box

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