Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

Korg ARP ODYSSEY &friends AMBIENT SPACE psychedelic (Moog MOTHER 32 Farf...

Hola Amigos, welcome to my 70ies Ambient Space Rock trip featuring:  
KORG ARP Odyssey (Lead, Subbass, Sequenced) 
MOOG Mother32 (Glitchy Ambient, Bass), 
GODIN LGX-SA (Ambient Guitar), 
1973 DUALrecord-player for Orchestra Strings from Viny
FARFISA Compact (1966 Spacerock Organ), 
ELEKTRON Octatrack (Digital Tape-Recorder, FX, DrumLoops), KORG Volca Beats (Kick,HH). 

Special Thanks to Natalia Posnova for speaking the Intro!

MainFX are MWFXJudder (Glitch, pitchshifted Ratcheting, Organ Tremolo).
EHX Deluse Memory Man TT1100 (Delay)
& NEUNABER Wet Stereo Reverb & Slate V2 (Reverb for all tracks)

The Track is inspired by early Berlin School, Pink Floyd& Krautrock,Postrock,Shoegaze and other psychedelic Music and has a general vintage Vibe , although I also used modern FX from Octatrack & Judder. 

Anyway Hope you enjoy :-)

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