Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

Korg ARP Odyssey BERLIN SCHOOL 70ies KRAUT PSYCHEDELIC Farfisa Syntorche...

early 70'ies Berlin School multitrack jam spiced with floydish Kraut,
all tracks live played and filmed while recording. Main Synths:
Korg ARP Odyssey 2015 // Farfisa Syntorchestra (1975) // Korg MS 20 mini.

Heavy use of my new Phasers: Vermona PH-16 (MS-20mini) / Schulte Compact Phasing A clone (Syntorchestra)

+ some Guitar
+ midi Sequencer RPE SEQ12 for Volca Beats, Jomox Jazbas 03
& Elektron Octatrack for ARP Odyssey Sequences & Percussion Loops

HOPE YOU ENJOY my latest Ambient Psychedelic SESSION with Video Art. It's a little hommage to early Berlin School artists like Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra & Tangerine Dream :-)


Elektron Octatrack

into Main Mixer TL Audio Fat Track

Korg ARP Odyssey 2015 (+ EHX Memory Man TT1100, Ibanez ES2, Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb)
Farfisa Syntorchestra (1975) (+ Schulte Compact Phasing A clone, 2x Behringer VTM , Lexicon MPX100)
Korg MS 20 mini (Vermona PH 16 Phaser, Lexicon MPX 100)
Korg Volca Beats
Jomox Jazbase 03

all Synths run into Soundcraft Spirit M12 and Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2
into Main Mixer (TL Audio Fat Track)

Send FX Spirit M12:

Line 6 Echo Pro
2 x Lexicon MPX 100 (Hall/Chamber)

RPE SEQ12 Hardware Matrix Sequencer
ELEKTRON Octatrack

GODIN LGX-SA with Pedals in the following order (*used for this track)

Silver Machine MK II* (wah)
Barber Tone Press*
Barber Small Fry*
EHX Micro Pog
EHX Superego
EHX Neo Clone (in Superego FX-Loop)
EHX Small Stone (in Superego FX-Loop)
Colorsound Tremolo Clone (in Superego FX-Loop)
Neutron Filter (Mutron III Clone)
Tech 21 Blonde V2*
Dunlop Volume Pedal GCB-80*
TC Electronic SCF Chorus Stereo Out*
Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere Stereo in & Out
EHX Memory Man Deluxe Tap Delay 1100 (R)*
Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter (L)*
Neunaber Wet Stereo Reverb (with Shimmer Update 1.0)*
Boomerang III Phrase Sampler/Looper Stereo* for live guitar loop &drone/soundscapes

into Main Mixer TL Audio Fat Track

all FX are on the Pedaltrain SC Pro

TL Audio Fat Track Tube Production Studio
TASCAM - DR-40 (stereo recording 24bit/96 khz)

Master Insert FX:
ELECTRIX EQ Killer with Rockman Stereo Echo (in FX Loop)
VERMONA Crossfilter (Action Filter Desktop Version)

FILMED with:
Leica M 240 & Summilux-M 50mm /f1,4 ASPH, Voigtländer Ulton 28mm f1,9
Canon EOS 5D MK III & EF40L f4,0, EF 100L f2,8, ARAX Tilt-Adapter with Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm f2,8
GoPro Her0 3+ Black & Silver Edition
Hubsan X4 107C
Apple Ipad/Iphone

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